Sunny Days

Who wouldn't want to walk around the Village on a day like this? Farmers' Market, Art Show, Jazz Music, Patio Dining, and plenty of other things that Deserve All Caps.  <3 Sunday :)

Rocky Mountain Climbs: Clear Creek Canyon

Yes, this is a post about rock climbing. 

BUT. If you're looking for a post with words in it like flake, jugs, cams, cruxes, sport climb, dynamic moves, or any type of rating scale reference, this is not the place. I'm a total novice on the rock who is fortunate to go out with some excellent climbers and learn. And slice up my hands. And sweat it out on tiny foot holds with forearms so pumped I think they'll have to be amputated if they can ever pry me off the wall. 

Of the seldom glamorous but always exhilarating life experiences I've had in Colorado, this one's up there. I didn't even reach the anchor (the top of the route) but I learned some valuable lessons and didn't give up at the most challenging moment of my ascent. That's a win for me.

SO. On Tuesday, Marc and I went out to Clear Creek Canyon with friends Rudy and Hunter (below) to climb. 

We left early that morning, drove into the mountains, parked on the side of the highway, and hiked up to the routes. The direct sunlight was already brutally hot when we arrived at the site. The view was incredible.

After taking turns on some fun, mild routes - for four hours - the pros wanted to try something a little edgier. While Hunter is a rookie like me, Marc and Rudy have been climbing together for years. They headed over to Officer Friendly (rated 5.11B) to master the overhanging climb. Marc took a fall. He calls this photo "dancing with the rock."

Undeterred, he got up a second time. Rudy had already placed gear on the route that Marc had to 'clean' (remove) and he finally nailed it. Straight to the top. That's my baby. After that he was chillin' pretty hard. I was still having a minor heart attack.

One major perk of having a Monday-Tuesday "weekend" is the uncrowded hiking trails and climbing routes. These spots really fill up on the weekends, and who really wants to wait in line to experience nature?