Outfit Posts?

No, I don't think I'm ready for that. Besides, I'm lacking the prerequisite live-in boyfriend who is a professional photographer and/or fancy camera. But I did want to share this: my new minty snake print top by Joie has a) a fun keyhole in the back b) adorable cap sleeves c) a nice drape and d) tulip hemline - all of which I really like right now. Working at Perch I pick up quite a few fun items, meet designers, and learn about interesting brands. Speaking of, I'm really looking forward to carrying Parisian label IRO.

Music City

I wrote this months ago but never posted it. Tomorrow is Marc's birthday, which got me thinking about some of our adventures. Our first stop in the southeast immediately popped into my mind...

Well, my road trip posts have been out of order but I'm finally getting around to posting about one of the first stops Marc and I made on the route from Philadelphia to Boulder. Here's a quick recap of our 12 Hours in Nashville, which really were a testament to how quickly and easily one can plan a trip on-the-go using the internet.

Using my iPhone, we were able to locate a hotel within our budget, decide on a restaurant for lunch, and learn the history of certain areas of downtown Nashville as we walked.

We arrived in Nashville around midday and checked into a hotel on Broadway. After lunch at Fido we drove downtown to enjoy the perfect Saturday afternoon. Nashville was full of life. We passed lots of musical street acts and heard live music bursting from every bar. We stopped in the park and shopped for cowboy boots (but didn't commit to any) before choosing a place to settle down. From our third-level balcony spot at the Whiskey Bent Saloon we could see a bike-and-beer tour taking off and a parade of wild costumes occasioned by a novelty 4K.

We ended the day at Zanies Comedy Club where Rob Schneider was performing. Rob is shorter in person than you'd expect - hence this funny anecdote that he opened with:

Rob was recognized by a group of older black women on the street one day. One of the ladies accosted him saying: "Hey, where do I know you from?" Rob replied that he was Rob Schneider, the actor, and she probably recognized him from one of his movies. She laughed and replied: "Uh-uh. Rob Schneider ain't no midget, baby."

The next morning it was on to Memphis bright and early.


The end of my first season in Colorado is finally here. After an exciting bonus weekend at Vail Mountain, winter is officially over (now if the weather would only cooperate!). Marc and I drove through Loveland Pass on our way to Boulder from Vail the other day. Do you agree that it's just gorgeous? Yet the beauty of the Rocky Mountains is a cold and unforgiving one...

What was on my mind as we rode along the spine of the Continental Divide, at an elevation of nearly 12,000 feet, with no guard rails? This is a land of breathtaking panoramas, yes, but also of hairpin turns, steep grades, and avalanche territory.

On Saturday, five snowboarders* were killed in an avalanche while skiing the Loveland backcountry. The avalanche was massive: 600 feet wide and 1200 feet long, advancing at 50-60mph. According to the ABC News Blog, "The five deceased snowboarders, all in their 30s, were trapped under about eight feet of snow in what is being called Colorado’s deadliest avalanche in 50 years." The Colorado Avalanche Information Center reports 19 deaths this season. My heart goes out to the lost ones and their families. Once again it is made apparent, as it so frequently is in Colorado, that if you want the greatest thrills, you have to take the greatest risks, and ultimately be prepared to make the greatest sacrifice.

*Later reports identified four snowboarders and one skier.

Clare Vivier

Clare Vivier foldover clutches, tote bags, card holders - they're so soft and beautiful! If 'sports luxe' is a big thing right now, which it is, then these are ideal summer accessories. But let's be honest - they'll last forever and only become more beautiful with age so I recommend a choice that will make you happy for years to come. When I first saw her designs this morning, I thought to myself: "All-American." Yet Clare spends a considerable amount of time in France avec son mari francais (a woman after my own heart). 

The only thing stopping me from investing in one of these beautiful American-made leather handbags? I want mine engraved. Could be initials, or something quirky, but if I'm going to give in and spend the cash it might as well be special. 

Yoga Mantra: Happiness

"May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May the thoughts and actions of our lives contribute to that happiness and to that freedom for all."

"Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu"

Sweet Escape

Last weekend it was in the seventies in Boulder. I was so excited to escape the chill, the wind, and the wet April snow in Vail during a visit this week. And then WHAM! a blizzard hits and suddenly Boulder County is blanketed in a foot of snow and even colder than my little Rocky Mountain town. So much for that sweet escape to the warmth.

I'll still be thrilled to call this place home come August.

Photo from iStock

Inspo: Alexandra Spencer

So I'm sitting here, relaxing after work, alternating mouthfuls of velvety red wine and morsels of baking chocolate (why do I have no ice cream in the house?). I want to open my laptop and find something that will refresh and re-energize my brain, like hitting the reset button after working two jobs. 
Enter Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleeker. Her blog posts are unselfconscious and tightly edited, her style one of lavish minimalism. Buy less but by the best: and if you can only afford the YSL pants, go topless. When a new post appears on my blog feed it feels like a rare treat. Do yourself a favor and check it out. In fact, thanks to the unique brand of fashion bloggers who act as ambassadors for the entire Australian fashion scene (in my eyes), chief among them miss Spencer and the inimitable Margaret Zhang, Australia has jumped in recent months from a bucket list to-do to an immediate desire.

Cocotay Vintage

We recently picked up a new jewelry line at Perch called Cocotay. 

Coco re-imagines vintage pieces and designs her own imitation vintage, or reproductions. Her line is carried by Bergdorf Goodman and Harvey Nichols, and in the past two days I have seen firsthand why she experiences such success, creating new friends and Cocotay devotees wherever she goes. She is openly sweet and genuine, leaving me with the happy feeling that she is like her jewelry line - broadly appealing, girly, fun, and above all: unique. Coco is exactly the kind of woman I'd like to take out for a cocktail (if she weren't pregnant, that is. Congrats, Coco!). In what I'm coming to know as a characteristic display of enthusiasm and generosity, Coco brought this Sex and the City 2 book to the boutique, where two of her vintage cuff bracelets adorn the arm of Carrie Bradshaw herself as she sips a drink in the desert beyond Abu Dhabi (page 99).