I had a little too much fun on Polyvore this evening and made a very wishful fantasy Christmas list. Who can blame me? This stuff rocks.  As soon as I get that glitter unicorn and the pillow made of chocolate marshmallow I'll get right on it... 

Winter Florals

I've been playing around on Polyvore trying to create mood boards and outfit collages. Once I get the hang of it, I want to post collages of my favorite items in Perch. Here's my first attempt! The white silk Theory blouse with the zipper neckline we do have in-store, and I love it.

Winter Floral


I can now say that my new job is in a fashion boutique called Perch in the center of Vail Village. I have had a sincere interest in fashion for a long time now, and I'm really excited to have my first job in the industry and see if it's a good fit! My boss, the concept, and the clothing are all great. Judging from the success of our soft opening on Wednesday night, there are plenty of stylish women in Vail who agree with me. Here's a few snaps from the opening to get you drooling on this black Friday.

Welcome to the soft opening of Perch Vail!
Grab a glass of bubbly and enjoy.

My fabulous boss, owner Laurie O'Connell:

Meet Kristen Holbrook, owner of sister store Two Skirts in Telluride as she arranges the wildly popular Gillian Julius bracelets. 

And speaking of jewelry... 

 I get to play with these all day? Am I dreaming?

From cashmere to cocktail dresses, each and every piece we sell is classic and well-made. Laurie, as curator of our collection, balances glamour with comfort and delivers equal amounts of girly and sporty. She's the girl who can shred with the boys on the mountain and clean up damn well for a dinner party, and she matches her passion for this new project with a serious head for business.

Good night, Perch! See you tomorrow!

Welcome to the High Life

[And I'm talking about the elevation, not the legalization of marijuana in Colorado earlier this month...]

The 2012-2013 winter season marks the 50th anniversary of the Vail Mountain resort, and dozens of celebratory events and promotions are on the agenda. I'm already looking forward to Snow Daze in December. Please, please, let me score tickets to see Michael Franti & Spearhead and/or the Shins. 

Aboard Vail's new gondola, which boasts heated seats and free wifi. Spectacular views and a swift, comfortable ride! Built to celebrate Vail's 50th birthday. 

Vail is a ski resort town in the Rocky Mountains. At more than 5,000 acres, Vail is the largest single mountain ski resort in the United States. This year, the town / mountain will host the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships. 

Vail was designed to look like an Austrian village. Can you tell?  

Can I have some of your firewood, mister? It's gonna be a long, cold winter!

Mountain Man

Check out my brother Sam chopping wood in Gibson, Pennsylvania. Is he the cutest mountain man, or what?

[Mom and Dad - If you could fly him out here for a week or so to chop wood for me, that'd be great. Thanx.]

Greetings from Vail, Colorado

Family & Friends
To make a long story short, I've moved! High in the southern Rocky Mountains, where fresh powdery snow falls every week... If you need me, that's where I'll be. Once again, my blog will be my lifeline to everyone on the east coast. I miss you already! 

I'll be close to my amazing boyfriend, as well as friends in Denver who will be down every single weekend to visit me (hint, hint)!

And I'll probably absolutely be hittin' the slopes. 

I do have a great job out here, which I can't talk about yet. For the moment, I'm adjusting to life 1800 miles west of Philadelphia and 8000 feet up. At elevations like this, I'll be in the best shape of my life in no time.  

Becoming Very Impressed

The Denver Art Museum has acquired and arranged an impressive new exhibit, which showcases Vincent van Gogh's ten years of development and professional work as a largely self-taught artist and is aptly named Becoming Van Gogh. I highly recommend it, and I'm sure the art museum itself would be thrilled by your attendance - According to one security guard, even IF every ticket available for the  exhibit were sold, the museum would not earn back all of the money required to produce it. If you live in the area and have an hour to spare, why not check out an art exhibit that took almost as long to curate as it took to paint.

At the DAM

Props to Timothy Standring and Louis van Tilborgh, who jointly curated the exhibit. For more information, read this Huffington Post article. For ticket information, here's a link to the Denver Art Museum website.